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What is Local Now?

Local Now is a free streaming app that helps you stay connected to what’s happening near you with quick and informative local news, weather and more! Local Now also has thousands of free movies and TV shows to choose from!

Why do I need to provide my zip code?

Local Now is a truly local viewing experience and we need to know the zip code or city you are located in to provide you with a customized stream for your location.

Why are you asking me for a location?

Local Now wants to deliver a localized news stream that is relevant to you, so we just need a little information to help get us started.

Is there a subscription fee for Local Now?

Local Now is completely free!

Why isn't my location on the list of streams? Will there be more localized streams for my town coming soon?

Local Now is currently localized to over 220 cities in the United States. We are always looking to expand our coverage so we can cater to more people like you, so be sure to check back regularly for updated locations!

I have a suggestion or idea for Local Now, who do I contact?

We love hearing from our users! Your feedback helps make Local Now better for everyone. Tell us what you think. THANK YOU!

How much does Local Now cost?

Local Now is completely free!

I live in a weather prone area and rely on severe weather alerts and updates, does Local Now offer severe weather coverage?

Yes, Local Now offers live severe weather coverage from The Weather Channel to people viewing in areas impacted by the severe weather event. People not directly affected by storms will have access to clips to help keep them up-to-date from afar.

How do I change my location?

On the main screen, click on My City and you will be taken to the "Add a New City” page. You can search by city or zip code to find local streams.

I turned on Closed Captioning why isn’t it working?

We do not currently provide closed captioning for all Local Now content, but many of our videos include text or other visuals to help our hearing impaired users understand our stories. We are working on a solution to add closed captioning (where applicable) for all Local Now content in the future.

Can I watch my local news station on your app?

We provide very limited access to some local television stations, but we take pride in providing a fresh take on local news with quick hits of local news, weather, events and more things happening around you. We're constantly looking for better ways to improve your viewing experience by partnering with brands you love, so please feel free to let us know what you'd like to see!

Are the movies on Local Now free?

Yes, all of the movies, TV shows, streaming channels and, well, everything on Local Now is completely free!